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The Trackmen Archives

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It is IMPORTANT to note that during the 1920's, 1930's 1940's 1950's that these men coached were not only head coaches of Track & Field but double or tripled up as coaches for other sports ie. tennis, boxing, golf etc..

Up until the 1950's most of these coaches were head Gator football and assistants


J. H. Atkinson 1923 - 1924

JUSTICE Harold L “Tom” Sebring 1925

A. C. Brown 1926 - 1927

Nash Higgins 1928 - 1933

Dennis Keith “Dutch” Stanley 1934 - 1936

Percy Beard 1937 - 1942 (Olympian)

1943 - 1944 NO TEAM

Percy Beard 1945 - 1964

Jimmy Carnes 1965 - 1976 (1980 US Olympic Head Coach)

Roy Benson 1977 - 1979

John Randolph 1980 - 1985

Joe Walker 1986 - 1988

John Webb 1989 - 1995

Doug Brown 1995 - 2002

Michael "Mouse" Holloway 2003 - current (MEN)

Michael "Mouse" Holloway 2007 - current (WOMEN)

Michael "Mouse" Holloway is the 1st head dual coach of the UF Track & Field program


The women program began in fall 1973

Katie Paulos             first Women's Coach 1973

Lacey O'Neal           1976

Deanne Carlson       1978

Tom Jones                1997 - 2003

Dee Ann Johnson     circa 1970's

Carol Thompson       circa 1980's

Sandy Fowler            circa 1990's assistant coach

JJ Clark                    circa 1990's assistant coach

Lori Trapp                circa 1990's assistant coach

Rana Reider            circa 2011 assistant coach



Tommy Turner

David "Dave DJ" F. Johnston

Brooks T. Johnson

Mike Bozeman

Doug Hill

John Creer

John "Doc" Bang

Walter Welsch

Paul Segerson

Don Hester

John Frazier

Larry Judge

Steve Lemke

Jerry Clayton

Steve Thomas

Jeff Pigg

Dan Pfaff

Todd Morgan

Mellanee Welty (women)

Brian O'Neal

Dick Booth

Erin Tucker

Ralph Spry

Curtis Frye

John Kenneson

Derek Holland

Bill Webb

Coach Bieber

Dr. John Bangs

Bob Carson

Ted Benz

Richard Giannini



Rare Video Footage

2nd place hurdles. Silver Medal

- VIDEO - Percy Beard 1932 Olympics Los Angeles California. USA

(cut & paste)

Percy is the tall lanky runner who finished 2nd.

JUSTICE Harold L “Tom” Sebring

Head Football Coach 1925 - 1927

Head Track Coach 1925

Dennis Keith “Dutch” Stanley

Head Football Coach 1933 - 1935

Head Track Coach 1934 - 1936

Dennis “Dutch” Stanley 1926-1928 played End opposite Dale Van Sickel He went on to become the head coach of the Gators from 1933-1935.